PepperJelly Co.

Hello to all our PepperJelly Co. friends!

We recently launched and successfully funded our 2nd PepperJelly Co. Kickstarter campaign to help us start producing several new products, including the Cuban Sriracha “sweet” version,  the Cuban Sriracha Ketchup, the Cuban Missile Crisis Jelly and Jam, the Spicy Mangito Jam and the Cuban Sriracha Jerkies.  The Kickstarter will also help us select our 4 new products from the 6 products mentioned above by allowing our backers to vote on the next products after they have received their rewards.  In order to simplify the voting process, and to make the rewards available to everyone, we created rewards which include all products, but in multiple sizes, thereby enabling most of our backers to try all new products.  In reference to the products which are not voted on, we will place them on the back burner until we have the facilities that would allow us to produce all products.  If you’d like to view our Kickstarter campaign, please  follow the link below: